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Customer Feedback              
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John R   (Cincinnati OH)

We have approximately 450 sq ft rubber flooring in our home gym.  The company that put the product in waxed and buffed the floor with a large mechanical buffer.  The new floor originally had a sheen  or a "wet look appearance", but that faded.  After using your Rubber Flooring Cleaner and Degreaser, and Rubber Floor Finish, the floor looks like new.  I was going to have the rubber flooring replaced because we were so unhappy with the way it looked, and we were unable to find anything that worked to restore the sheen.  Our floor looks great now!  We had tried multiple products in the past, and yours is "head and shoulders" above the rest!  You have a great product!! 




Alan S   (Albuquerque NM)

We've had the Protector Tile 1/2" and Protector Tile 3/4" in our home gym for 2 years now and love them!  They look the same today as they did the day we bought them, and our expectations were definitely exceeded when we received them!



Bart D   (Miami FL)

We selected Hammer Lock for our Insanity and p90x workouts and it provides exactly the level of shock absorbency for my workouts I am seeking




Sadie J   (Chicago IL)

 Our client has heavy commercial equipment in is home gym and is very happy with his Power Lock flooring!  Five Star flooring!



Darci E   (Rogers AR)

I have some type black flooring in my gym and even though it is rubbery it does not provide me with enough cushioning when I am doing jumping jacks or sit ups.  I put some Soft Lock Plus tiles right over the rubber flooring in a corner of my gym and they work great.  Just the right amount of "cush" for sit ups



Johnetta H  (Marietta, GA)

I ordered Soft Lock tiles and they are great for my workout room.  Thanks again! 


Jennifer P  (Escondido, CA)

I want you to know I am thrilled with my Tough Tile floor!   I did a Teal and Slate Gray checkerboard and it beautiful.  The tiles arrived on time and the installation was easy.  It took my boyfriend and me about 3 hours and it looks perfect.  These tiles are not soft enough to do sit-ups on so I just use a yoga mat on top of the tiles and it works just fine.  I love how tight this tiles fit and the fact that no water or sweat can get underneath these tiles.  That is exactly what I was looking for!   Thank you for the great service as well!



Jerry H  (Kitchner ON)

This is my second order for Power Lock.  I placed an order a couple of years because I couldn't find anything like this product in Canada.  We recently moved and we were so pleased with the looks and performance of the original floor that we ordered the same thing- (30) Chinchilla and (20) Black - for our new gym.  Excellent product and excellent service!



Craig W (Chantilly VA)

Like a lot of customers from reading the reviews, we checked everywhere locally looking for a high quality floor for our home gym with zero success.  We do Insanity, p90x, and don't want a floor that is going to stink.    Came across your site and ended up going with your Aerobic Lock.  It is much more expensive than we had originally planned, but after loking at all the other options out there decided to go for it.  Best flooring we've ever worked out on.



Marc L (Boulder CO)

I did a lot of research online before selecting your 1/2 Protector Tile for my home gym. I was concerned that because they were so much cheaper than some of the other tiles on the site that the quality would not be great, but after ordering some samples decided to go for it. Liked the fact that they were recycled and made in the US. Also liked how professional they made my home gym look. It looks just like the stuff you see in real gyms. Delivery went quicly ans smoothly and tiles arrived as ordered. I would definitely buy from this company again


Anonymous (Bedford Hills NY)

This is our 2nd purchase of Power Lock. We purchased (150) tiles several years and they are as good as advertised. We bought another place this year and are going with Power Lock again. The old ones still look like new, and these tiles have exactly the right amount of cushioning for P90X dor me, and kettllebell workouts for my wife. Excellent, trouble free flooring


Marshall E. (Norristown PA)

I was looking for something unique  and after shopping around a few weeks, (maybe months!) found your Tough Tile Marquis.  It had just the look and feelwe were looking for.   I was concerned going with vinyl that the floor would have that hollow feel you sometimes find in vinyl flooring, but these tiles are the opposite of that.  Very professional look, super easy to install, and it looks like I paid someone to do the installation.  I am a bit of a perfectionist so when I say these seams fit together perfectly, you van believe it.  Very seamless at the joints, and I would recommend this product to anyone



Devon B. (Rocky River OH)

I checked out every website out there and your Floor Planner is by far the most helpful tool I found. Our gym is not as large as some of the gyms I see on your site, but it is still a big inverstment to us and we didn't want to make a mistake in what we selected. After checking out a lot of other site after I used the Floor Planner, I came back to yourr site and went wtih the Value Lock. It is just what we needed and we ordered about 150 SF worth. It looks great. It had a mild rubber smell when we opened the box, but nothing major, and the smell went away on its own. Very pleased with our flooring.



David K (Red Bank TN)

I have seen some pretty ugly rubber flooring over the years so when the time came to put a new gym into our new home I really did my research.  Some of the virgin rubber flooring I saw on other sites was exactly what we are trying to avoid.  We purchased  just under 400 SF of your Flip Lock tile about 4 months ago and it is the best decision we made!  It looks great  and we are now getting into P90X and the floor provides exactly the right level of cushioning for our workouts- not too firm but not soft like foam, either. We will probably never end up flipping it over but it is good to know that if anything ever happens we have the same hammered surface on the bottom as well.  Makes for nice security, but again, probably will never use it



Diane N (Naperville IL)

I installed 400 SF of Soft Lock Plus in our new home gym and I couldn't be happier. I was worried that it might slide around, but we installed it wall to wall and it could not be more comfortable to work out on! I do aerobics, situps, pushups, jumping jacks- just about anything- and this floor is the most comfortable floor I have ever worked out on!



Drew C (Ashburn VA)

I am thrilled with my Power Lock tiles! Yes it is pricey but for my money it is the most beautiful gym floor I have ever seen. Super comfortable to work out on as well. My friends and neighbors love it as well, and I suspect you'll be getting a few more large orders from down this way!


Sally V. (Henderson, AR )

Cannot believe how professional my Tough Tile Smooth look!  I put these down myself in an afternoon and they are totally gorgeous and completely change the look and feel of my gym.  I cannot believe how seamless these look!  This is one of the nicest floors I've seen and certainly nothing I found in our local stores.  Thanks for the great customer service.  I will definitely be back for more since this is perfect for my family room with a house full of busy teenagers  



Susan H. (Boone NC)

Custom is very pleased with the 400 SF Hammer Lock in Khaki, Chinchilla and Crimson we installed



Suzanne W. (Thompson's Station, TN)

"Well you guys just totally rock!" upon being notified that order for 64 SF Hammer Lock in Black shipped in one business day.



Mary F. (Morrisville, PA)

I ordered 100 of the GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tiles in Classic Maple.  I installed them myself (49 year old woman) in a finished basement that was formerly a bedroom with a carpet.  The tiles were installed over the carpet.  A bit of a trick to figure out how to tap the tiles together using the low blow hammer, but all I did was place a piece of hardwood under the joints and rapped them into place.  Perhaps a heavier hand could've managed without doing this, but once I figured it out, it went down quickly and smoothly.  I am so pleased with the result.  The flooring stays in place and looks so professional.  I looked high and low for a hard surface to lay over the carpet so I could do my aerobic workouts.  I didn't want to rip up the carpet.  This is the perfect compromise!



Edward N. (NY, NY)

I ordered (30) Olympic Grade Hammer Lock from  The tiles arrived on time as promised and in perfect condition.  I just finished having them installed by my handyman and the results are greater than I imagined.  I spent an enormous amount of time researching gym tiles and found to have the most comprehensive website that not only answered all of my questions, but allowed me to map out hte flooring to get a visual before buying.  I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for quality and professional service.



Jordan C.  (Leesburg, VA)

We do Insanity and p90x and needed no nonsense flooring for our home gym.  No foam tiles that move around and come apart.  No recycled rubber that makes the whole house stink.  Your Olympic Grade Hammer Lock  is exactly what we were looking forward.  It is perfectly stable underfoot and doesn't move one bit even if we try to kick it apart.  It is comfortable to work out on and has just the right amount of "give".  If you are doing situps you might want to put down a yoga mat on top of the tiles to give your back some extra cushioning, but other than that these tiles are perfect for just about any type of workout.  I needed a floor that was heavy duty enough to put over our hardwood floors to protect them from the ridiculously heavy equipment we have and they perform as advertised.  Not cheap but with this type of flooring you get what you pay for.



Jeff P. (Pikesville, MD)

We purchased (30) Protector Tile- 3/8". Honestly, this is even more heavy duty than we thought it would be. Lays perfectly flat and is super durable and doesn't move one bit when I'm running on the treadmill. Very stable- excellent floor!



Amber C. (Maspeth, NY)

I love your Value Lock tile!  We had just under 400 SF installed in our new home gym and were very concerned about odor as this is in our basement and we have very little ventilation in this area.   There is no strong smell the smell, the tiles look great and are super comfortable to work out on.  For situps they are a little hard but I just use other soft foam mats I have for that and it works out great.



Laura C. (Louisville, KY)

I purchase 300 SF Tough Tile and love the seamless look and feel of these tiles.  Thank you for your excellent customer service!



Anna A. (Potsdam, NY)

I purchased (50) Aerobic Lock tiles and they are the most comfortable tiles I've worked out on.  The only problem was that in cleaning them with my sponge mop the mop would get on the raised nubs.  You suggested I swith to a cotton or cotton blend loop mop instead and that made all the difference in the world.  I LOVE my new floor!



Gareth O. (Etobicoke, ON)

I have a gym on hte bedroom floor of my house and a child with serious chemical and odor sensitivities.  I needed a very good floor to protect our hardwood floors for the home gym but ensure no odor and damage to the floors.  Two different local suppliers submitted samples of rubber flooring and both both started to have a rubber tile smell after a few days.  After receiving your samples we ordered 68 Hammer Lock tiles in black and could not be more pleased- no problems at all



Brandee K. (Fort Irwin, CA)

We installed 2400 SF GymCourt and 11 rolls Rubber Underlayment and  could not be more pleased!  No problems- excellent sevice!



David H. (Texarkana, AR)

Je bought 600 SF Hammer Lock for a high end residential customer.  The tiles installed easily and with no surprises and the owners were very pleased with the flooring



Laurence B. (Needham, MA)

We compared all the virgin rubber samples online before making our decision.  Your Flip Lock tile was the only virgin rubber tile that doesn't have that old fashioned pebble etched finish which in my experience is next to impossible to keep clean.  The hammered indentations in my opinion make for the easiest to clean, most forgiving surface out there.  They are not cheap but at least they always look new, unlike my old floor which always looked dingy.  I have had these down for 6 months now and I actually smile every time I walk in to my gym when I look at how shiny and beautiful my flooring is!  So happy, and thank you all of your help in helping us make the right decision!



Lee L. (Delhi, NY)

We purchased 850 SF GymCourt  in Classic Maple for our client and they were very pleased- no problems.



Tom V.  (Bradenton, FL)

We did our client's home gym in Hammmer Lock in Terra Cotta and Teal and it is stunning.  They could not be more pleased with their flooring



Tom W.  (Westerley, RI)

I want to thank you for your first rate customer service.  I had no idea what flooring we use, and when I called you could not have been more helpful or knowledgable.  Great website!



Christine I.  (Colorado Springs, CO)

    I purchased just under 250 SF Faux Finish Vinyl Tile in TerraStone way back in 2008.  My flooring is now over 4 years old and performs as great as it did when I first installed it!  Thanks!



Alyssa S.   (St.Paul, MN)

I was looking for a good mat to exercise on.  I had some cheap interlocking foam mats that I bought from the local sports store, but they wore down pretty quickly, and didn't give any support, plus they kept coming apart and I kept tripping on the seams.  My biggest problem is that I live in an apartment, and my living room where I work out is carpeted, and I have been having a hard time finding something that will give me stability on top of the carpet, but also give me a shock absorbing surface.  I picked up some heavy PVC tiles at the sports store, and they smelled so bad  and so toxic that I took them back.  I ended up selecting your GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tiles, and I have been very pleased with the performance of the flooring.  It has been down several months and I have not had any problems with it.  Thanks for recommending this product!



Nancy O.  (Edison, NJ)

We had a small problem with our delivery.  The staff at My Gym Floor could not have been more helpful and accommodating in geting this resolved quickly and to our complete satisfaction.  Great service, My Gym Floor!



Ron F.  (North Merrimack, NY)

   My brother purchased Olympic Grade Hammer Lock last year and was very pleased.  We have a 500 SF home gym I am redoing this year and will be using the same tiles



Andrew L.  (Davers,MA)


I needed some tiles were that were soft and comfortable and cheap, and something I could get get asap.   I ordered Soft Lock  and they were perfect.  I received the tiles within a couple days and they are just what I need




Thomas K.  (Calgary, Alberta)

We installed  (9) cases of Faux Finish tile.  We used the Floor Planner but still ended up a couple tiles short.  You resolved the matter even better than I anticipated.  I know someone who is interested in putting in a gym floor as well and I'll make sure to let him know how helpful you have been.




Rhonda D.  (Goshen, KY)


I just installed 280 SF Power Lock in a Khaki and Terra Cotta checkerboard.  I love the colors and the style.  Thanks for all!




Ned A.  (NY, NY)

I purchased 325 SF Power Lock in Royal Blue 3 months ago.  The product is great. Thank you.




Cindy S.  (Palmyra, PA)

We put the Soft Lock floor down last night and it is exactly what I wanted.   I will definitely be spreading the word to buy from you guys.   Thanks again, I am sure I will be back!




Amy P.  (Glendale, AZ)

I just wanted to let you know how my Value Lock order  turned out.  I was concerned that it needed some type of beveled edge piece because it is not going wall to wall on all four sides.  You assured me that there would not be a tripping hazard if I cut the tiles square and you were right.   My husband trimmed the tabs off the tiles and it looks very finished.  I couldn't be happier with our new gym floor!



Justin L.  (Rye, NY)

Once I get past the initial sticker shock, Hammer Lock was clearly the best choice out there.   I checked out samples from all of your competitors, including all the big name gym equipment stores in the area, and no one has anything that comes close.  Even some of the other virgin rubber tiles I found had and old and dated look in comparison.  Great product and outstanding customer service!



Angela W.  (Bonita Springs, FL)

We are not weightlifters and needed something that was beautiful and light and different for our home gym.  We searched everywhere we could find around here, then finally found exactly what we were looking for in your Faux Finish tiles in BeigeStone.  I have neve seen a gym floor like this and we couldn't be more pleased with our selection.  Thanks for the A+ service!  Our gym looks amazing!



Terry N.  (Tyler, TX)

We just replaced our ugly, hard, black, dirty rubber that has been in our basement for 20 years.  No idea what it was, but it was impossible to clean and hard as a brick.  We pulled it up and replaced it with the Flip Lock tiles.  They are beautiful!  We do a lot of aerobics and these tiles make such a difference.  I wish we had done this years ago!



Elizbeth K.  (Bronxville, NY)

I needed rubber flooring for a small 10' x 10' workout area in my basement and didn't want to deal with having to cut any tiles.  I used the 1/2" Protector Tile with beveled borders and beveled corners, and I installed the floor myself in about an hour.  Very heavy duty and the tiles stay in place beautifully.  I would definitely recommend this floor.




Paula H.  (Sun Valley, ID)

We received the overnighted order of Soft Lock Plus tiles today.  Thank you.  LOVE the product!!



Earl J.  (Conway, AR)

Your Floor Planner is addictive!



Chris M.  (Athens, GA)

Thank you for the great service!  I called because I was confused over all the flooring options avaialble for our small home gym and you were extremely helpful in helping me select the right product!




Karen H.  (Sahuarita, AZ)

We are very excite to have found your website and your products.   We just broke ground on our new home, and the workout room is going to be fabulous!  Thanks again for such great service!



Chris V.  (Somers, NY)

Yours in one of the best sites on the Internet!




Steven H.  (Wynnewood, PA)

I received the replacement for the "mysterious" Rubber Floor Cleaner that vanished during shipment.   Thank you for honoring the order.  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who needs such a product from a responsible company!  Thanks for making this right.




Richard S.  (Dixon, IL)

The Protector Tile 1/2" is working out good and looks really great in the Copper Fleck and Gray Fleck checkerboard design.  It cuts fairly easily and we installed the 15' x 17' floor in about 2 hours.  The smell has dissipated over the past two months and is now to the point we can easily live with.  Thanks for the helpful cleaning and maintenanace tips for Recycled Rubber Flooring you show on your site.  Thanks for working with us!



Todd B.  (Lake Stevens, WA)

I installed 440 SF of Olympic Grade Aerobic Lock in black.  Originally I was to told it would take 4 weeks for shipment; I actually received my product in less than 2 weeks!  The product was installed with ease and with no problems or defects at all.  I am training for an IRONMAN competition which requires tons of Insanity and P90X workouts on my new floor.  Despite a heavy sweat, the floor is not slippery.  Bottom line, it was worth every penny!




Ken V.  (Guilford, CT)

When I decided to finish our basement with a portion dedicated for a gym, I knew that I did not want black rubber flooring. After shopping around, I found that Hammer Lock product had the look and functionality I was seeking. After installation, I couldn’t be more pleased. The area is beautiful and the floor is one of the most outstanding features. The staff at was great to work with. Every one of my expectations was exceeded. Check out our photos.




John A.  (Nashua, NH) 

After reading all the positive reviews for GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tiles we ordered some samples, and really liked how the tiles fit together so securely.  We did not install these wall to wall but used the borders instead, and love what a finished look it gave the whole room.  We are very happy with our new floor and wanted to pass on a positive review of our own!




Benjamin S.  (Liverpool, NY) 

I have been looking for years for colorful and reversible rubber tiles before I found your Flip Lock tile.  We have 3 very active children who have already destoyed the foam tiles we originally had in our family room/ gym.  These tiles are exactly what we are looking for and my wiife can't get over how easily these clean up.  So far no need to flip any of the tiles over yet, but give us some time




Kyle S.  (Overland Park, KS)

I collected samples or recycled rubber from several websites as well as some of the local stores, some of which had a very noxious smell.  I went with your 3/8" Protector Tiles and for recycled rubber they were the best of the bunch.  They have been down about 3 months and the smell has gone down quite a bit.  You gave me good advise on things I could to lessen the odor, and it really hasn't been a problem.  These are great tiles for a great price.



Bryce G.  (Champaign, IL)

I have been checking out rubber flooring options locally and on the Internet.  You have by far the best website out there and offer products no on else has.  A friend told me he bought cheap rubber cow mats for his gym at the local farm supply store but I checked them out they were very dull and had a very, very bad smell.  We went with your 1/2" Protector Tiles instead and are very pleased.  Like some of the reviewers said the smell is stronger at the beginning but then died down pretty quickly.  They did cost more than what I found around here but they are definitely worth it in my opinion



JoAnne M.  (Muncie IN)

One of my New Years resolutions this year is fix up part of the basement for a home gym.  I didn't want it to look like a gym because we sometimes need to move the equipment out of the way for different events.  I bought just over 200 SFof the Berber Carpet Tiles and they look great.   I installed them myself and was so happy how easily they went into place.  It looks like I had the carpet professionally installed!



Edgar M.  (Riverdale, NY)

We converted a couple of rooms into a large gym.  We have expensive hardwood flooring that we needed to protect  as we were having several large pieces of gym equiptment brought in.  We installed close to 600 SF Faux Finish and the tiles look superb.  We have recommended this flooring to several of our friends.



Susan O.  (Tacoma, WA)

It might sound silly but the most important criteria was to find a Mocha colored tile that we could install ourselves in our apartment with no adhesives.  After using the Floor Planner, it turned out that the Tough Tile Marquis was exactly the product we needed.   These tiles installed easily as advertised, they are extremely heavy duty, and they are beautiful.  We had high expectations going in, and this product exceeded them.  Double thumbs up!  And great service as well, as we needed the tiles quickly and received them within a week.




Claudette C.  (Grand Prairie, TX) 

I just installed my tiles and they look great.  If you recall, we spoke and I was concerned that the 1/4" Value Lock would would be thick enough to us under my heavy treadmill and elliptical trainer.   Thanks for you excellent advise.  These tiles are much more heavy duty than I was expecting, and are perfect for my gym.  I love the pattern on these tiles and have not seen anything else like it anywhere.  We went with Cadet Blue and it totally transformed the look of our gym,  Great product and I received my order within a few days.  Great service, My Gym Floor!




Ellen T.  (Burlingame, CA)

I bought just under 300 SF of Carpet Lock about 6 months ago.  Until I started doing some research I had no idea this type of product even existed, and had gone to several flooring dealers in my area.  I really was not interested in any type of ugly rubber flooring- no offense!- since this room is used for everthing- workouts, TV, hanging around- you name it.  We bought the optional Rubber Underlayment and I just love how quiet and comfortable these tiles are to work out on.  Great recommndation.  Yes, I would highly recommend this product, and in fact already have!




Richard B.  (Bryn Mawr, PA)

As one of the customers previously mentioned, I was shocked when I received the packages of Disc Top tiles to feel how heavy they were, and then to see how durable they are.  I have had these down for a few months and have a lot of heavy weight machines on them and they still look new.  I threw down an soft exercise mat for cushioning in the area I do situps.  My gym flooring was everything I was hoping for and more, including being pretty inexpensive compared to a lot of the options that are out there.  We went with a red and gold checkerboard and really made our gym a showpiece!  Great prduct!




Elizabeth G.  (Hot Springs, AR)

I had a really tight budget of $350 I needed to stick to- including shipping- for our new home gym.  After a lot of research and checking out my options I decided on Soft Lock tiles.  They arrived in just a couple of days after I placed my order, and I just had to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase.  They went together so easily, and are so comfortable to work out on.  You really get a lot for your money with these tiles, and I would recommend them to anybody.  Great customer service, too!  Thank you, My Gym Floor!



Adam H.  (New York, NY)

I have been researching rubber flooring for my home gym for a couple of months.  My Gym Floor is by far the best site on the Internet!  Your sevice and assistance was exceptional!



April C.  (Waldorf, MD)

I just placed my second order for Tough Tile Marquis.  Love it!  We put in about 200 SF last year for under our strength and cardio machines.  We are expanding our gym and I love the fact that these tiles are so easy to add on to.  The tiles are even more durable than we expected.  We did a checkerbooard in Windsor Blue and Silver Gray, and I am so happy that we did not go with the ugly black rubber floor my husband found!  Our gym is over a year old and the tiles still look new!



Diane A.  (San Diego, CA)

Your service is excellent.  I called earlier in the week and needed several samples shipped to my client for morning delivery the following day.  My client is thrilled with the samples and your service and as soon as a color is selected they will be placing this order.  Thanks again!



Lisa H.  (Redmund WA)

Good advice!  I called to ask you if I could use any of the virgin rubber tiles over carpet and you told me they would separate at the seams.  I didn't even think of that.   You recommended GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tiles which is what I purchased.  They cost less than the tiles I had originally selected and we installed them over the weekend.  They stay together beautifully and we could not be more delighted with our floor or with the service we received!  Two thumbs up, My Gym Floor! 



Allan B.  (Arlington Heights, IL)

We recently bought a treadmill, and bought the rubberized flooring that goes with it.  What a huge mistake!  The treadmill is fine but the flooring has a very noxious odor.  We never even thought about that and returned it immediately and started checking out our options on the Internet.   We never knew there were different types of rubber.  We just received our order of your virgin rubber Value Lock tiles.  These certainly cost more than the original flooring, but the difference is like night and day.  Thanks for your assistance and your fast delivery.  I received the tiles within a few days of placing an order, and they are perfect!



Scott S.   (Millbrook, NY)

We installed over 1500 SF of 1/2" Protector Tiles for a very large basement conversion earlier this year.   The tiles installed very well with no surprises.  No complaints- customer is happy.  One of the best recycled products I've seen.



Aiden M.  (Picking, ON)

Most of the interlocking gym flooring in Canada appears to be recycled rubber. We have a large gym in the main living area of our home and do not want to deal with the smell of old tires. Your virgin rubber tiles cost more than we were originally planning, but it was worth it not to have the smell. We went with Value Lock and are very pleased. Being able to get colors was a bonus, because we had originally just planned on something black or black with flecks of color. Since we went with the virgin rubber Value Lock, it did not cost any more to go with some of the lighter colors, and the floor looks great!



Paul A.  (Westport, CT) 

Yours is the best site on the Internet! 



Carol W.  (Houston, TX)

We just purchased our second large order of Soft Lock Plus for our corporate gym. We were extremely pleased with our initial order and did not hesitate about putting the same tiles into our new facility. Thank you for your flexibility in working with us and handling our special ordering and invoicing requirements in a timely and professional manner.



Allison E.  (Marina Del Ray, CA)

We purchased a new home and did a complete renovation of the existing gym. We wanted something bold and different and Hammer Lock had exactly the look and color choices we were looking for! I can't tell you how much we love this floor!



Mark D.  (Austin, TX)

I agree with your customers' comments! You offer outstanding customer service every step of the way. My samples arrived quickly and your salespeople were extremely helpful in answering my questions. I needed my order for Power Lock tiles quickly, and the tiles arrived within 3 days of placing my order. These tiles are not inexpensive, but they are exactly what I was looking for to protect my hardwood flooring. The floor looks great and I appreciate all your help.



Mary Ellen T.  (Santa Fe, NM)

Great customer service! We had a problem with some uneven discoloration on two of the Protector Tiles and the replacement tiles were shipped out to me quickly and with no hassle. The replacement tiles look great and I couldn't be more pleased with my gym flooring, and even more by your fast and professional resolution to my problem.



Kimberly J.  (Lexington, KY)

Earlier this year we installed GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tiles in our new aerobics studio. I have taught classes for years and most definitely did not want to hear any rattling or clacking sounds during the workouts, as has been the case in many studios. We used the GymCourt  Rubber Underlayment that is an option with these tiles and it made all the difference in the world. The tiles and the underlayment work together perfectly to cushion the joints during even the most vigorous workouts. This flooring is so much more comfortable than the padded carpeting we had removed! 



Danielle A.  (San Francisco, CA)

I own a small marketing company and would like to compliment you on your spot-on tagline. I researched rubber flooring for a month and your website had by far the most useful and informative information. Your Gym Floor 101 articles were my go-to resource in comparing yours and your competitors' products. When I called I was quite taken by the level of knowledgeable, unpressured expertise I received. You asked all the right questions and when it came to selecting the flooring that matched my requirements, it was a no-brainer. Thanks for your assistance!



Bill T.  (Lancaster, PA)

I just installed 3/8"  Protector Tiles in my garage. Great product. They went down very easily and with no problems. These tiles are even more heavy duty than I was expecting. I was going back and forth between the 3/8" and the 1/2" because of the weight of my equipment, but these are more than strong enough. Thanks for the help. You get a lot of floor for this money with these tiles. I look forward to doing business with your company again!



Michael P.  (Lenox, MA)

Excellent website--you have many high-end gym floors I didn't see anywhere else on the web. A client required a heavy-duty gym floor that did not look like a traditional gym floor.   Faux Finish TerraStone was used on this very large project and the customer was delighted. The pattern makes the interlocking tiles practically seamless. We were told we would have to wait a while for these to come, and you were right, but the tiles were worth the wait.



Erin V.  (Carmel, CA)

We specified Olympic Grade Hammer Lock in black for a high-profile client and he was extremely pleased. The client was very adamant about no off-gassing, and for the selected floor to be in line with the other interior furnishings in his home. Thank you for the fast service in expediting the samples. Once my client reviewed your samples it was the only product he considered. Outstanding product line and exceptional service!



Andrew M.  (Upper Saddle River, NJ)

My wife does lots of cardio and we needed to find a flooring that would minimize the impact to her joints. We did a lot of research and selected the Olympic Grade Aerobic Lock Aerobic Lock tiles. Probably one of the more expensive floorings out there, but they are extremely heavy and stable underfoot and provide just the right level of resilience for her workouts. Excellent product.



Amy S.  (Tampa, FL)

Nothing but positive reviews! We needed a relatively inexpensive flooring for aerobics and floor exercises and selected the Soft Lock Plus foam tiles. They are super comfortable to work out on, but we were concerned about the movement between the tiles on certain exercise routines. You recommended that we could use duct tape on the underside of the tiles and it works great. We could not be more pleased with how comfortable this floor is to work out on, and what a good price we paid compared to other floors out there.



Mark M.  (Houston, TX)

We had a problem with the alignment of our Designer Lock tiles and were disappointed in how the tiles fit together. My Gym Floor was very prompt and professional in arranging for the return of the tiles and issuing us full credit on our order.

My Gym Floor Response:  As a result of this complaint, we pulled all of our Designer Lock tiles out of inventory- over 600 tiles!- and are selling them as off-spec tiles at a 40% discount.  Our Designer Lock molds are currently being re-tooled and we expect to be back in full production of first quality tiles on or before 12/1/10.



Catherine  R.  (Grand Rapids, MI)

Our Value Lock tiles arrived the same week we ordered them. The installation instructions were very clear and easy to read, and my husband I just got finished installing the tiles. They went down without a hitch and look absolutely beautiful, and are even more heavy duty than we thought. We are so excited to complete our gym, and wanted to thank you for the great start your tiles gave to our project!


Alyssa R.  (York, ME)

Love your website and how I could compare products.  We just built a home gym and I wasn't sure how much flooring I needed or what type, and your website made our decision easy.  When I called with questions you were very helpful and Soft Lock tiles were the ones that ended up working out best for us. Now I just can't wait to get the flooring and complete the gym!



Adam H.  (Fort Collins, CO)

My wife and I are expecting our first child and are very concerned about off-gassing of recycled rubber mats. My wife will working out in the gym throughout her pregnancy and does not want to breath in the fumes even though she has been assured by our local sporting goods store that the odor is not toxic. You suggested virgin rubber Value Lock tiles and that is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you very much for your expertise. Very helpful.



John A.  (Chicago, IL)

I may turn out to be your best customer. I was irritated that you would not offer an additional discount on an order after receiving and approving a sample of your Olympic Grade Power Lock tile that I had over-nighted. So I went with the virgin rubber tiles from one of your competitors. What a mistake. They have a VERY strong rubber smell and I am returning them. I will be placing an order with you for your Power Lock tiles in Slate Gray, immediately.


Andrew K.  (Sarasota Springs, FL)

We just replaced another virgin rubber with your Flip Lock in a local high school, and what a differnce the new tiles make! The old tiles were dull and never looked clean and had huge gaps at the interlocks. I love how this floor shines and it cleans up beautifully. I love that the tiles are reversible and stay secure at the interlocks. This is one of the nicest looking floors I have ever seen.



Carlos S.  (San Antonio, TX)

We are flooring contractors and this is the 3rd order we have placed for 1/2 Protector Tiles with your company. Both of our orders arrived on time as promised with no surprises. We are very happy with your service. Great price. The tiles do smell like used tires at first, but the smell is not as strong as time goes on. We have advised our customers to check out your website on how to minimize the smell and they have been very pleased with this product.



John M.  (Fairfax, VA)

Our client fell in love with the Faux Finish tile in New England Slate for her home gym renovation, but felt the tiles needed some additional cushioning for the types of intensive aerobic and floor exercises she was seeking to do.  You recommended installing the tiles over GymCourt Rubber Underlayment and my client is extremely pleased at how comforable and shock absorbant her new floor is.  Highly recommended! 



Adrianna C.  (St. Maarten)

We specified two products for two separate areas in our hotel gym. We usedTough Tile Smooth in Windsor Blue under all of our strength and cardio equipment and it looks wonderful. It is super heavy duty, has perfect seams and always looks shiny and new. We coordinated that with Carpet Lock in Charcoal Gray in the Aerobic area, and the tiles look and perform great. The tiles "give" much more than regular carpeting and we are extremely pleased with the results. Thank you for your assistance in helping coordinate this large project. Everything went beautifully and we would certainly recommend your products and your company in the future. 



Scott T.  (Madison, CT)

I needed a flooring that was pretty inexpensive, but that would be much more durable than foam so I could move my equipment without damaging my floor. I also needed something in light colors to help brighten up a dark area that doesn't get much light. You recommended Disc Top tiles and they are perfect for this area. The tiles are super durable and if I need to do any exercise that requires more cushioning I throw down a yoga mat. I am very pleased with this product and plan to buy more in the future as my gym expands. I was surprised at how easily it installs and how well it stays together. Great floor for the money!



Thomas V.  (Bedford, NY)

I have worked out in gyms my whole life. I have never seen a more attractive or well made product than your Olympic Grade Hammer Lock tiles.



Kara B.  (Riverside, CA)

I really loved using your website! It was by far the easiest to use website out there. I loved using the Floor Planner.  You have a lot of helpful information that I didn't see on any other sites as to how to chose the right gym floor, and it allowed me to make a very informed decision.



Sean M.  (Lenox, MA)

I have to comment on your company's high level of integrity. I was prepared to order a product that was much beyond my needs. The salesperson listened to my requirements and suggested a lower priced product that was exactly what I needed. Pretty exceptional.



Robert L.  (Seattle, WA)

My wife has asthma and is extremely sensitive to any kind of odors in our home so recycled rubber was not an option. When I called I was told that the virgin rubber tiles would have a mild, natural odor that would not be a strong presence in the room. You were right. I installed Hammer Lock tiles in our gym a month ago and the tiles are practically odorless. The floor looks fantastic!



Catherine M.  (Ridgewood, NJ)

I ordered samples of every Olympic Grade product in your line and my customer selected Designer Lock Designer Lock in Doeskin. They did not want to use any color that would create the feel of a commercial gym, and Designer Lock's beautiful soft color palette allowed us to create exactly the look we were seeking. Stunning product! They used your optional Rubber  Floor Finish and were extremely pleased with the results! I appreciate your excellent service!



Steven A.  (Saratoga Springs, NY)

You have the best site out there! Very helpful and informative!



Ana B.   (Fairfax, VA)

  I don't usually do "feedback." I just had to let you guys know how awesome your service is. I placed a tiny little order of Soft Lock tiles this week and needed it expedited and I just received it today as promised! You guys are amazing!! And I love these tiles. They are super comfortable and perfect for my morning sit-ups. Thank you, My Gym Floor!



Phillip H.  (Madison, WI)

I'm a computer guy and I really loved the Floor Planner on your site. It made it very easy to compare prices on your products. It would have been perfect if it had also calculated how many beveled borders and corners I needed with the 1/2" Protector Tiles, but it did not. You may want to consider that for the future. Otherwise, no problems. I called and the salesperson was very helpful.

My Gym Floor Response: We reviewed the feasability of adding this feature to the Floor Planner, but unfortunately it was beyond the scope of what we could do. We do a lot of layouts requiring beveled borders and corners, and the best option is to simply give us a call at 888-694-9688--we would be more than happy to assist you!



Michael G.  (Greenwich, CT)

We specified Faux Finish tiles for a client's large residential home gym. Our client did not want the look of traditional gym flooring, but needed something durable enough to withstand his heavy commercial-grade equiptment. The couple was very pleased with the appearance of this floor, and I would certainly recommend this product. My Gym Floor had the best selection of high-end flooring products that I saw on any website, and their knowledge and service was top notch.



Karen C.  (Greenville, NC)

We had major flooding in our basement and called MyGymFloor for assistance. They could not have been more knowledgeable about recommendations as to the types of products we should or should not use. Since our new basement will be used for lots of different activities and we have a houseful of teenagers and their friends, we selected Tough Tiles in a Teal and Sand checkerboard. The floor is absolutely beautiful and is such an improvement to the carpeting we used to have. We had the tiles within days after making our selection. Thank you so much. You really went above and beyond in your service!



Angela C.  (Germantown, MD)

We needed to find a heavy-duty gym floor in the color mocha, which we found to be no easy task. Your Tough Tile Smooth Tough Tile Smooth turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. When I received the samples I was happy to see that they weren't really smooth, but actually had a very nice hammered texture like some of your other products. I was also pleasantly surprised at what a nice straight edge you get with these tiles. We played around with your Floor Planner and decided to add a few red tiles into the design, and it really looks sharp! Thanks for the great service! My tiles arrived a couple days after placing my order, and I couldn't be more delighted!



Craig H  (New York, NY)

I was very disappointed when I called to return (2) packages of Soft Lock tiles that the minimum return amount was $100, as I did not recall seeing this when I placed my order.

My Gym Floor Response:  As a result of this complaint, our full Purchase Agreement- including our Shipment and Return Policies and our Warranty Information- has been added to the shopping cart and must be checked off as having been read before we will process a customer order.



Daniella V.  (Pompton Lakes, FL)

This is the best site on the internet! Great products and great customer service!! Thank you so much for your knowledgeable, friendly, unpressured service!!



Nicole A.  (San Marcos, TX)

We are pleased with our Designer Lock floor. We needed soft colors in our new gym and wanted a nicer look than most of the black rubber flooring we found locally. We did a checkerboard of Teal Green and Desert Sand and it is just beautiful. I have been in gyms where the smell of the rubber is the first thing you notice when you enter the room. These tiles have practically no odor at all.


Pam C.  (Burlinton, VT)

We have been talking about putting in a home gym for a couple of years. One of the stumbling blocks was that the gym area was going to be very open to the rest of the house, and I did not like the look of any kind of rubber flooring that would make this look like a gym. My husband didn't like working out on carpet because there isn't enough support. After searching the local stores and finding nothing, we searched the Internet and found your Carpet Lock tiles. Neither of us even knew that such a product existed and it is exactly what we needed! It is beautiful and super, super comfortable to work out on, even for my husband. Thank you for your help in getting a couple of old geezers like us into shape!



Amy V.  (Birmingham, AL)

My husband and I do lots of different exercises in our home gym and were looking to put down one floor that could do it all. You recommended GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tiles with the GymCourt Rubber Underlayment and we couldn't be more pleased. It is super comfortable and I can really feel the shock absorbing of the floor when I am doing aerobics. It is a very professional feel and I love working out on this floor! My husband has some heavy equipment set up on it as well, and it really looks great. Great floor! Great service!


Kathryn R.  (Carmel, CA)

We had clients in for only a few days. You promptly called back, graciously took our order, and expedited samples for all to see in time. Thank you!


Toby D. (Fairfield, CT)

Thanks for being so hospitable--you are one of the best, most professional businesses that I have ever dealt with.



James L.  (St. Charles, MD)

I am doing heavy weight training for a triathlon I will be competing in next year. We have expensive hardwood flooring that I didn't want to think about damaging when working out with free weights. Black rubber mats were not an option. I found your website and ordered Olympic Grade Power Lock.  I am very pleased with the look and performance of these tiles. I was concerned that they would stain the hardwood but was assured that they would not, and I have had them down for several months. Not inexpensive, but very good product that does what it is supposed to do.



Jeffrey H.  (Decatur, GA)

I was amazed at how heavy duty the Disc Top tiles are for the price, considering that they are listed as Value Grade. These tiles are tough as nails. My friend has something similar in his garage and I know it cost him a lot more than I paid for these. I did a red and gray checkerboard and can't believe the difference it makes in the room.



Norman R.  (Singapore)

I purchased 1500 SF Hammer Lock for a huge residential gym in Singapore in 3 different colors. The flooring looks exceptional and we couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the virgin rubber tiles, or of your exceptional customer service to make sure this order shipped as promised, on time. Beautiful product!



Tom J. (Albany, NY)

Very pleased with the entire experience, the online planning and product selection. The Soft Lock Plus tiles shipped on time, they fit to my measurements, and the value was great. Looks super; two thumbs up to this organization.



Edward S.  (Pittsfield, MA)

We renovated part of our basement and added a 350 SF home gym.  We installed 3/8" Protector Tiles and they went down easily as promised with no surprises.  We have very heavy strength and cardio equipment and are very pleased with how heavy duty these tiles are.  We were very pleasantly surpised at how securely they fit together at the seams, and how comfortable the tiles are to work out on.  We have already recommended this product to our friends.  The tiles arrived in less than two weeks after we placed our order.  Great product and excellent customer service!



Katherine B.  (Los Angeles, CA)

I recently purchased samples of the Value Lock and Tough Tile Smooth (Health Club Grade). Holding the samples in my hands, it was an easy decision that the Tough Tile Smooth Tiles would best meet my needs. The "My Gym Flooring" website is easy to navigate and very user friendly. With the "Floor Planner,"I was able to determine the exact number of tiles needed to cover the intended area. When the tile arrived I couldn't have been more pleased. The customer service was outstanding and working with them was a real pleasure. Thanks for everything.



Bev C.  (Boca Raton, FL)

I ordered the Aerobic Lock floor and it was the smartest thing that I've ever done! I do a lot of cardio and my joints were starting to bother me so this floor was the answer to my problem. And the customer service was the best!



Deborah M. (Fredricksburg, VA)

We received our 1/2" Protector Tile shipment, and they are beautiful!



Fumi O.  (San Francisco, CA)

The sales staff was excellent. I would recommend them to everybody! They listened and understood my specific need and gave me options to choose from. They made my shopping experience very pleasant and easy. Thank you so much!!



Eric J. (Indianapolis, IN)

Your company offers a great product at a reasonable price, with super fast shipping (this is our second order). Further, thank you for the personal communication. I believe that companies with customer service like yours will drive through this economy and come out on top.


Wendy T.  (Montreal, Quebec)

We needed a high-end gym floor for a boutique commercial gym but thought the Flip Lock tiles might be out of our league, price-wise. When we factored in that the tile was reversible and had a lifetime warranty, it made a lot of sense. Rather than replacing 3 or 4 cheap carpets or rubber floors over the next 20 years, we decided to go with these tiles that look great every day with very little maintenance. What a difference changing our old, ugly black flooring has made!



Melanie G. (Deluth, MN)

The GymFloor Cushioned Vinyl Tiles we purchased were everything we were hoping for. We were amazed how quickly the samples we ordered arrived and then how fast the actual floor came when we ordered it. We were able to install the floor in a short period of time and it is an attractive and super comfortable addition to our workout area. We would recommend this product to anyone.



Michael N. (Ann Arbor, MI)

I received the Value Lock and the installation went very well.
The homeowners are very happy with both the colors and the product.
If I am fortunate enough to build another gym area in the future I will definitely keep this product in mind. Thanks for everything.



April C.  (Farmingdale, NY)

I needed (12) packages of Soft Lock tiles shipped to me immediately. I placed the order on Thursday and received it the following day! Thanks for the great service!! I love working out on these tiles and if I need any more you will be the first company I call! Thanks again!



Tammy M. (Delafield, WI)

November 5, 20089I put the Value Lock floor down this weekend and it's awesome! Easy to use and size and it looks great. I wasn't sure I was going to be able cut off the tabs myself, but your installation instructions were super easy to follow. I love this floor and the Teal and Sandstone tiles look absolutely great together!



Paul S. (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Fantastic service! I purchased over 700 SF of Faux Finish Tiles for a custom home gym and I'm delighted with how this flooring looks and performs!!



Blake J.  (Pompton Lakes, NJ)

We placed a large order for Faux Finish Tiles over the phone, and needed them immediately. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they were color #192 Cork, not color #195 Bamboo. You were very quick and courteous and professional in reshipping the replacement tiles and arranging for the pick-up of the incorrect tiles.

My Gym Floor Response: As a result of this complaint, we now now double check all orders for accuracy before releasing them to the factory for production.



Peter S. (Columbus, OH)

Your follow-up service is appreciated. I plan to be a repeat customer and share my experience with others. Good job!!



Janis K. (Chapin, SC)

Very pleased with your product line, website, and amazing service. So glad that the floor came earlier than expected because that gave us time to realize what you already knew to be true--that the Hammer Lock tiles would interlock perfectly once the carpet was removed. . . . (Pardon me, it gave my husband time to realize what you already knew to be true :) The floor looks amazing! Thought you would appreciate the chuckle.)



Steve R. (Kansas City, MO)

Yours is the best site out there! Your Floor Planner is by far the best tool I have seen for helping to figure out what type of gym flooring I need.



J.C. S. (Airmont, NY)

Great customer service. We appreciate your follow-up! We’ve only used the new 3/8" Protector Tilesك/8" Protector Tiles a week, and all reactions have been very positive. Even after a little rain, the floor was fine for use. We will certainly recommend your product to our camp friends!




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