Product comparison

With so many flooring styles to choose from, My Gym Floor makes it easy to determine which is best for your needs.  The two charts below detail some of the major differences among our various flooring styles.  If you have more questions, you can always contact us and we'll be happy to help you make a final determination.  You can also use the Floor Planner to test various layouts of your potential flooring, including patterns for decorative as well as functional spaces.

Recommended Uses:

Product Heavy Duty Free Weights Moderate Free Weights Strength/ Cardio Equipment Aerobics Floor Exercise Child's Playroom
Power Lock  
Hammer Lock  
Aerobic Lock    
Flip Lock  
Value Lock  
Protector Tile - 1/2"      
Protector Tile - 3/8"        
Faux Finish Vinyl Tile  
Tough Tile  
GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tile  
My Gym Carpet Lock  
My Gym Soft Lock      
My Gym Soft Lock Plus      

Product Characteristics:

Product Thickness Interlocking Style Material Cost
Power Lock 1/2" Hidden Virgin Rubber $$$
Hammer Lock 3/8" Hidden Virgin Rubber $$$
Aerobic Lock 9/16" Hidden Virgin Rubber $$$
Flip Lock 7/16" Visible Virgin Rubber $$$
Value Lock 1/4" Visible Virgin Rubber $$
Protector Tile - 1/2" 1/2" Visible Recycled Rubber $$
Protector Tile - 3/8" 3/8" Visible Recycled Rubber $$
Faux Finish Vinyl Tile 3/8" Hidden Rigid Vinyl $$$
Tough Tile 1/4" Hidden Flexible Vinyl $$
GymCourt Cushioned Vinyl Tile 1/2" Hidden Rigid Vinyl $$
My Gym Carpet Lock 5/8" Hidden Rigid Vinyl $$
My Gym Soft Lock 3/8" Visible EVA Foam $
My Gym Soft Lock Plus 3/8" Visible EVA Foam $