Premium Grade Recycled Rubber

Many manufacturers use low grade / low cost recycled rubber that is more suited to the agricultural market (horse stalls and dairy barns) than to home gyms. These recycled products cost little to produce and sell, and are characterized by a strong petroleum or, "used tire” smell.

Premium Grade Recycled Rubber Gym Tiles

Commonly, these low grade recycled products are manufactured outside the U.S to low quality standards using scraps of low grade rubber from a variety of sources that are unable to be vulcanized, and must be glued together with strong smelling urethane adhesives. Frequently, the thickness of the tiles vary not only from tile to tile but within the same tile itself. This results in an uneven “washboard” pattern when tiles are butted together which in addition to being visually unattractive presents a tripping hazard as well.

My Gym Floor offers premium grade recycled rubber mats using a homogeneous mix of high grade tire bushings that are free of metal and other foreign debris and that are vulcanized under extreme heat and pressure, not glued together with adhesives. The result is a mat that is extremely strong and durable, maintains its shape, and has less odor than lower quality recycled rubber products.  (The smell will be most pronounced when you initially receive your package, as the tiles have just been manufactured and have not had time to air out.  The odor will substantially decrease over the next 30 days and we offer tips as to how you may help to expedite this process.)

Interlocking tiles are cut with a water jet cutter and provide a smooth, even, gap-free appearance. And all of our recycled rubber products are manufactured in the U.S